Elly Wynia, LCSW, Individual and Couples Sex Therapist

Exploring Intimacy ~ The Adventure Begins

waterfall tallJoin us for this unique opportunity to connect!

The purpose of this workshop is to provide couples with resources that will help deepen and intensify their relationship.

As a Sex and Couples Therapist, Elly will be helping each couple to rediscover elements of sensual connection often lost in our busy lives. As a Philosophy Professor, George will be exploring the intersection between human intimacy and shared adventure. We offer the perspective of our 36 years of relational experience which has been enhanced by our ability to step outside of our comfort zone. Activities involve supported risk taking, challenges and opportunities of feeling fulfillment.

Couples will come away from this workshop with new tools for enhancing their relationship.


George Trey and Elly Wynia Facilitating

FRIDAY from 6-9 pm

SATURDAY from 9-6
~ 8am Couples yoga optional

SUNDAY from 9-noon
~ 8am WALK IN WOODS optional

Where: ST. JOSEPH RIVER HOUSE in northern South Bend Indiana

Cost: $700 PER COUPLE

Contact: ellywynia@me.com or 574-261-0873.

$350 deposit is needed, or pay the full $700 when you register.

Once the deposit is made there are no refunds 60 days prior to the workshop..

New dates will be announced when meeting in-person is possible.